Six reasons the LG V10 Android smartphone is good for business

LG's new V10 smartphone is a compelling device that remains one of the last remaining modern smartphones with a removable battery and microSD card. There's more for the road warrior too.

Android smartphones have been surprising me lately with camera performance, reasonable price, and overall efficiency. I just posted my review of the LG V10 yesterday and already regret not including it in one of my top spots of my 10 best smartphones for the 2015 holiday season.

Microsoft software is helping make the Apple iPhone 6s Plus a compelling business smartphone and monthly security updates, a fingerprint scanner, and Android Marshmallow make the new Nexus 5X and 6P good for business. However, there are also several reasons road warriors will want to consider the LG V10, including:

  1. Fingerprint scanner: Unlike the new BlackBerry Priv, LG stuck with the Android gameplan and launched the LG V10 with a fingerprint scanner. It works well to consistently unlock the phone and such convenience means people are more likely to lock their phones.
  2. Secondary display: With the secondary display always showing you the time and date, not to mention incoming notifications, there is little need to also wear a smartwatch. My efficiency has increased with the secondary display and I love that LG decided to use the black space that all other phone makers leave empty.
  3. Rugged design: While the LG V10 isn't designed to be used underwater or in the mud, it can survive typical drops in the office. It has a stainless steel frame, Dura Skin back cover, and two-layer display to offer some protection and a great feeling design.
  4. microSD expansion card: Internal memory is expensive and with a microSD card you can extend your memory with inexpensive SD cards. As soon as the Marshmallow update hits then you can even choose to have that external storage appear as internal storage with the option to have it encrypted for added security.
  5. User replaceable battery: The LG V10 comes with a 3,000 mAh battery. You can always buy a spare and if you purchase a LG V10 now LG will include a spare and a battery charger. It's much quicker and more convenient to pop in a spare battery when you are out and about than it is to plug in a battery pack.
  6. Camera: The LG V10 takes the best from the LG G4 and improves upon the camera experience with manual video recording that even lets you specify the audio source. Full manual modes in still and video make the V10 almost more of a camera than a phone.

The T-Mobile version of the LG V10 is only $600, which is an excellent price for a phone with such high specifications and performance.

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