SK, Ericsson demo 5G network slicing technology

SK's successful demonstration in South Korea marked the first milestone since SK and Ericsson inked an MOU on developing 5G core network with network slicing technology.

South Korea's largest telco SK Telecom announced on Thursday that it has successfully demonstrated 5G network slicing technology with telecom equipment giant Ericsson.

SK performed the demo at its R&D centre in South Korea, showing that the faster data flows have practical applications for exciting new technologies such as super multi-viewing, augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) services, and Internet of Things applications.

"Network slicing is one of the key enabling technologies for SK Telecom's all-IT based 5G architecture, and the successful demonstration of network slicing technology is a significant step forward to achieve the world's first commercialisation/deployment of the 5G network system," said Choi Jin-sung, SK Telecom's chief technology officer, in a statement.

SK said that together with Ericsson, it was also able to isolate and protect the virtual network slices from one another, solving a big challenge that perplexed developers until now: How multiple virtual networks can share a single physical space.

With 5G network slicing, a single physical network can be partitioned into multiple virtual mobile networks and still support different types of 5G services.

"The development of 5G is in a very exciting phase right now with important achievements in research and development. The success with the network slicing technology is critical to enable the network to be an innovation platform for new types of applications and thereby meet future expectations," said Ulf Ewaldsson, chief technology officer at Ericsson.

The new tech has the attention of international standardisation organisations, such as 3GPP and the ITU, as well as global operators, equipment vendors, and software companies.

This technique developed by SK and Ericcson could become the solution used for supporting future 5G services.

The companies are also currently preparing to launch a joint 5G test bed at SK Telecom's Corporate R&D Centre to set up this state-of-the-art end-to-end 5G system.