SK Telecom to launch LTE Advanced in September

South Korean telco unveils plans for advanced wireless network that will be nearly twice as fast as current 4G LTE and even quicker than local area network (LAN) in data transmission speed.

LTE-A could give faster downloads than LAN.

SK Telecom has unveiled plans to roll out the advanced version of long-term evolution (LTE), dubbed LTE-A, for its networks in September.

The wireless network will be twice as fast as current 4G LTE capabilities and will be the first time a wireless network exceeds the optic local area network (LAN) in data transmission speed, according to a report Thursday by JoongAng Daily.

When using LTE-A, an 800 megabyte file takes 43 seconds to download, compared with 64 seconds for optic LAN, 85 seconds for existing LTE and seven minutes and 24 seconds for the old 3G network, noted the news daily.
It added core technology for the LTE-A is carrier aggregation (CA), which bundles two frequency bands to increase the bandwidth. Installing a multicarrier (MC) network is a prerequisite, which automatically selects one of several frequency bands based on data traffic at the user's location.