Skype for Web is awesome, but I still can't use it on my Chromebook

Skype for Web is a great new way to use Skype. And although Skype for Web works with the Chrome browser, my Chromebook feels left out.

I was excited to read the headline that Microsoft had made Skype for Web available. I immediately went to using Chrome on my Mac mini to see for myself. To my surprise it worked.

Then I had to try the ultimate test: my Chromebook. As you probably know by now, it failed. Although Google provides hangouts, it's still not Skype. Skype is what I use for all of my interviews and a lot of my personal calls. I rarely use my cell phone because I just don't want that number put into a PR database again. That's just too much access. I don't care who has my Skype number or ID. I can always block unwanted people from that very easily. I can on my cell phone too, but I'd rather not have to go to the trouble. I really need Skype to work on my Chromebook. Come on, Microsoft, make that happen.

I'm hoping that Microsoft isn't purposely not supporting the Chromebook because of the competition it might give the Surface line of computers. That would be very disappointing, although not surprising.

If I could use Skype on my Chromebook, it would be my computing device of choice. It's lightweight, secure, and inexpensive -- inexpensive to the point where I wouldn't be too bummed if something happened to it. I could easily replace it and not have to worry about losing data.

If you follow my posts, you might recall that back in February 2014, I spent an entire month with my Acer Chromebook C710. Not having Skype was a major fail point for me. Of course, it wasn't and still isn't the Chromebook's fault that Skype won't work. I'm not sure why (and I haven't researched it) Skype will work in the Chrome browser, but not on the Chromebook. It works with's portable Chrome browser, so you know, I'm curious.

I don't think that the lack of Skype is going to keep anyone from buying a Chromebook, but it certainly looks bad on the surface (possible pun intended) that it isn't supported for whatever reason.

It's important for Skype to be a cross-platform application, and it is, except for the Chromebook. Skype works on Mac, Linux, and Windows. It also works on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. The Chromebook is all on its own. Left out. Isolated.

I hope that Microsoft puts in some effort on making Skype work on the Chromebook. It would be a great help and would further extend Skype's reach. It would also make the $2.95 per month I pay, plus the additional money I pay for two Skype numbers, worth it. I'll stay tuned and watch for the next big update to Skype for Web, when it comes out of Beta.

What do you think? Do you think that Chromebooks are isolated on purpose or are there technical difficulties that I haven't considered? Talk back and let me know. Remember that I love conspiracy theories and sinister motives.

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