Skype links with Avaya, targets Facebook tie-up

The company has agreed a broad partnership deal with the telecommunications firm, while it is reportedly in talks with the social-networking site to integrate its services

Skype reportedly has an integration deal with Facebook in the offing. It has also agreed a broad partnership with telecommunications company Avaya.

BoomTown's Kara Swisher reports that Skype is eyeing an integration deal with the social-networking site. The Facebook-Skype deal will integrate messaging, voice chat and Facebook Connect. The partnership would help expand's Skype consumer base and provide Facebook with access to Skype's communication tools.

According to a statement, meanwhile, Avaya and Skype have agreed a multi-phase deal that integrates a range of technologies. Avaya customers will have access to Skype Connect, which provides IP-based enterprise calls. Avaya’s flagship Aura system will have Skype Connect as will Avaya IP Office and other systems. Skype calls will feature enterprise security, tracking, recording and compliance via the Avaya systems.

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