Skype may be coming soon to Symbian smartphones

VoIP is spreading with several new handsets designed specifically for this technology. Wouldn't it be even better to use Skype on your existing smartphone rather than have a separate phone just for VoIP calls?

As readers know I use mobile devices with multiple operating systems, but my current preferred system is Symbian with the S60 flavor. I was checking out my RSS feeds and saw that Darla Mack found out that Skype may be coming to Symbian soon. I use Skype on my Samsung Q1 to make calls and record podcasts and would love to install it onto something like the N91 with integrated WiFi. Skype is available for Windows Mobile Pocket PC devices now and I actually was just thinking about hacking my i-Mate SP5m to run Skype since I need to do a fresh restore of that smartphone anyways. Would you use Skype on a mobile phone if it was available for your device?