Skype worm spotted

Websence has reported a worm spreading via Skype Chat

Internet security firm Websense has discovered a worm that uses Skype to propagate.

Skype is best known for allowing its subscribers to make free telephone calls over the Internet. The company has over seven million subscribers and was acquired just over a year ago by online auction firm eBay for US$2.6 billion (£1.32 billion)

Early reports indicate the worm sends messages via Skype Chat, which is an instant messenger tool, asking recipients to download and run a file called sp.exe.

Once the file is executed, it installs spyware that can steal passwords and other personal information. It also connects to a remote server to download additional code.

According to Websense, the worm seems to have come from the Asia-Pacific region — possibly Korea.

The number of people affected is still unclear.