Slack wants to improve meetings with Google Calendar tie-in

This marks another major third-party cloud collaboration for the Google Apps suite this week.


Already quickly becoming the go-to office communication platform du jour, Slack is looking to improve scheduling team meetings next.

The San Francisco-based startup unveiled a new integration with a product that itself was once (not too long ago) championed as a revolutionary workplace tool: Google Calendar.

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Essentially, the new integration allows for any Google Calendar to post to any channel and "Slackbot," Slack's built-in digital assistant-meets-notepad.

Slack users can use the integration set reminders before events and then send and receive daily and weekly digests of these reminders, depending on what one prefers.

Slack even suggested using the function as a way to remind one another about co-worker birthdays or holidays.

This marks another major integration for the Google Apps suite this week.

On Tuesday, Google Drive installed a new plug-in that brings its users closer to their files made in the Microsoft Office suite.

As for Slack, the integration follows up to the addition of more than 300 emoji icons infused to the collaboration platform earlier this month.

Slack suggested at the time that user could employ emoji for expressing support, weighing in on projects through a simple thumbs up or down, and indicating when a project is completed through a check mark.

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