Sleek BlackBerry London smartphone could challenge the iPhone

There has been a lot of armchair quarterbacking taking place for RIM and if they can get a device like the one rumored at CrackBerry.com then they may still be in the running for the 3rd smartphone platform.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer on

I enjoyed using the BlackBerry PlayBook and thought the hardware was excellent, but without a companion BB smartphone the experience was a bit lacking. Kevin over at CrackBerry.com just posted an image of a possible BlackBerry 10 phone that looks like a miniaturized PlayBook. If RIM can actually get something like this out with their services, the QNX UI, and high quality then I think they may continue to be a player in the smartphone space.

I'm sure one of the first things people will say when they see the image is that it is just like an iPhone with a BlackBerry logo. There are still many reasons that companies and government agencies use RIM for their mobile devices, security being a major one, and the ability for RIM to get a truly competitive full touchscreen device with a modern OS on it is pretty compelling. I know that I would certainly take another look at RIM if I saw a QNX-based BlackBerry smartphone like this, wouldn't you?

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