SlingPlayer Mobile for Android now available in the Market for $30

Google Android owners have been anxiously waiting for the SlingPlayer Mobile client to be released and the wait was worth it. I am finally upgrading my Slingbox to take advantage of all the great capabilities in this new mobile client.

It has been several years since I started using a Slingbox Classic and I never upgraded to a newer model. However, with the launch of the Google Android SlingPlayer Mobile application I was encouraged to finally make the upgrade to a Slingbox PRO-HD to take advantage of all the great features in this new mobile client. The Android client is $29.99 and I purchased it immediately to use on my Sprint HTC EVO 4G. The application does work with my SlingBox Classic (check out my video below), but has some limits on functionality and I want the optimal experience on my EVO 4G. I wish that Sling Media would include at least one SlingPlayer Mobile client with the purchase of a new Slingbox though as paying $30 for each client I load on my numerous smartphones adds up quickly.

SlingPlayer Mobile for Android starts up quickly and looks fantastic on the large 4.3 inch display of the EVO 4G. That EVO 4G kickstand sure will come in handy too as I plan to use SlingPlayer Mobile quite a bit while traveling and commuting. I would love the ability to connect and control my Roku from the Slingbox, but will be satisfied with the ability to view content from my Comcast DVR too. The SlingPlayer Mobile for Android client includes quick control buttons on the bottom of the display so you can jump right in and view your content with very little effort.