Small Business: Project Driven Leadership

Small Business: Project Driven LeadershipAuthor: Eric Everson, Founder MyMobiSafe.comWith the pressures of the economy weighting down on small business owners throughout the world, now is the time to implement business practices that promote success.

Small Business: Project Driven Leadership Author: Eric Everson, Founder

With the pressures of the economy weighting down on small business owners throughout the world, now is the time to implement business practices that promote success. As a small business owner myself and having worked with entrepreneurs for many years, there are many misconceptions that I’ve seen come to surface. One of the biggest misconceptions is that many small business owners often dismiss project management as a big business luxury rather than a tool for leveraging their own success.

As the founder of I know where you’re standing as a small business owner. You’re not looking to hire a six-figure salary seeking, PMP Certified, bells and whistles project team, but you are probably looking for an approach that will help you better manage your company through these hard times. For this I suggest a project-driven leadership (PDL) approach.

In a nutshell, a viable PDL approach simply pulls the best practices from the project management catalogue and tailors them to meet your small business needs. What a PDL approach recognizes is that the milestones of small business can be met through one project at a time. This may be a project as extensive as introducing a new product or may be as simple as changing the company logo. Borrowing from project management, a true PDL approach recognizes the definite beginning and end of each project within the context of the small business environment.

By nature projects are not processes, although some projects can be viewed as the sum of many unique processes. Implementing a PDL approach will allow you to utilize free project management tools such as OpenWorkbench to better track the resources, time, and cost of the projects you’re managing through your small business. Looking at your business objectives as an organized project can be a fun way to prioritize and bring a more formalized method of management into your small business. If you are new to project management, do yourself a favor and get the Project Management for Dummies book – despite the title, this is perhaps one of the best kept secret resources of corporate project managers the world over. You’ll want to learn the basics about project management before your go and transform your small business into a powerhouse Project Management Office!

With the weight of the world on your shoulders as an entrepreneur, adopting a PDL approach might be exactly what your business needs to take it to the next level. Project management isn’t reserved for big business, it’s a resource that any business owner can put to work – often for relatively no additional investment!

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