Small businesses have little urge for IT

The UK's small business community is still showing few signs of investing in IT due mainly to high prices and a lack of trust in IT professional advice, according to a report from the Institute of Management.

The report entitled 'IT Means Business?' was produced in collaboration with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and Compaq. It shows that 47 per cent of small business managers believe they are average IT users, yet most admit that they fail to use IT to its full potential within the working environment, saying that costs outweigh the benefits.

Twenty five per cent of below average users and 44 per cent of above average users feel that the benefits of IT are overplayed. However, when looking to buy IT, 58 per cent of small business managers seek external help from dealers and consultants, although often cannot afford to pay for extra advice, while 68 per cent have said they go to high street retailers.

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