Smart alarm clock knows when to give you a lie-in

You can't say we don't bring you all the key high-tech news...
Written by Graham Hayday, Contributor

You can't say we don't bring you all the key high-tech news...

What do you get the busy executive who's got everything? How about a clock which is clever enough to work out if you can have a lie-in... The clock in question can be wired up to the internet and checks the latest traffic news in your neighbourhood - and delays the time the alarm rings if the roads are clear. Researchers at Brunel Universtity have developed the clock, known as Rise. It retrieves relevant traffic information from the web based on data the users have given it, such as where they live, where they're travelling to and the time they need to arrive. The clock will then work out what time you need to be woken. Inventor David Hunt told the BBC: "As well as the basic function of waking people up at the right time depending on what traffic conditions are like, the Rise clock could also be further developed. It could provide people with faster alternative routes, inform colleagues of an expected delay and provide rail, air and bus related alerts." According to the BBC report, Hunt has had some commercial interest in his clock. He is planning to do a deal with an organisation which has extensive traffic databases, such as the AA.
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