Space Case 1: Digital luggage for the road warrior

Business travelers who spend more time in the airline lounge than at home might like the tech in this luggage.


The Space Case 1 is a rolling piece of luggage packed with technology designed to give the road warrior peace of mind. It is constructed out of polycarbonate and the wheels are not only designed for easy pushing, they work as a scale to let you know if your stuff is within airline weight limits.

There are two sizes of the Space Case 1, a 20-inch and a 29-inch. Both are built to survive rough handling by the airlines.

Inside the case is a garment bag pocket for suits and another for a laptop. It is designed to provide easy access to your packed things.

The electronics in the case are impressive, beginning with a biometric lock consisting of a fingerprint reader so you can easily unlock it. The lock is TSA compliant, and allows access by security personnel once checked as required by regulations.

There is a 12,000 mAh battery pack built into the luggage that can keep gadgets charged on the road. This is done through two USB ports accessible on the outside of the case, and another in an internal pocket that can charge a device while in the cargo hold.

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A location tracking feature can pinpoint where in the world the bag is located. If your bag gets on a different flight than you, at least you'll know if it's having a better time than you are.

A proximity alert sends an alarm when the baggage leaves the immediate area of the owner. It also emits a loud alarm to discourage someone walking off with the luggage. The bag can send an alert to your phone when it arrives at the baggage carousel.

There's an app for interacting with the case, which includes an option to unlock it should the fingerprint reader fail. The app features a map that shows where the bag is, and even notifies you in the event of gate changes or flight delays.

On the lighter side there is a Bluetooth speaker that can dish out some jams. I'm not sure when that would be useful, but it's there.

The Space Case 1 is available starting at $199 through the Kickstarter campaign.