Smart gates improve the worst part of international travel

Dubai International Airport is installing smart gates that use facial recognition technology to speed up the immigration process.

Sure, long, cramped flights and jet lag can make international travel miserable. But what raises my blood pressure the most are the customs officers waiting to greet me at the airport.

But in Dubai the immigration process is getting a lot easier for frequent fliers to the city in the United Arab Emirates, thanks to smart gates.

The smart gates allow international travelers from 33 approved countries to scan their passports and complete the immigration process in around 20 seconds, according to the Khaleej Times.

“The smart gate is recognized as the most efficient and most advanced around the world from a technical, operational and security integration aspect that ensures the highest standards of safety and security to all passengers," said Suzanne Al-Anani, CEO of [Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects].

The smart gate services are free, but there's one catch: you have to register your biometrics data before traveling since the gates use eye and facial recognition technology to identify passengers.

Smart gates were introduced earlier this year at one terminal and have been successful enough that the Dubai International Airport is installing them in the other two terminals later this year.

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Photo: Flickr/Elmar Bajora

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