Smart TV will make money through games: Samsung

The market for smart TVs will grow 'rapidly' as it increasingly becomes the platform of choice for gaming, according to a company executive.

A Samsung executive believes that games will make money from smart TVs as it becomes the next platform where a gaming ecosystem will be created.

Speaking at the Max Summit 2015 in Seoul, a local mobile start-up conference, Y.C. Kim, Vice President at Samsung's Visual Display business, said smart TVs will become the next game platform and the market will grow "rapidly".

"The gaming ecosystem was formed by the changes in platform, from wired PCs to online to mobile. The questions is: what's next? In our generation, I believe the last platform will be smart TVs," said Kim.

The executive said Samsung is expected to sell over 100 million devices, including smart TVs that can used to play games, from 2013 to next year. There are 3 million visitors per month that access Samsung's game services, Kim said.

The company is also planning to unveil its self-developed game controller sometime next year, he also revealed. Currently, around 60 console titles are available, but this will be expanded to over 100 by the year's end.

"We plan to bring in IPs that succeeded in online, PC, console and mobile to the smart TV," he said.

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