SmartHub wireless router for the 'smart homes' of the future.

If you have ever wanted a master console for all the appliances in your home, the SmartHub wireless router will streamline control of all your house's smart fixtures.

Our usage of Internet-enabled gadgets increases by the year, and the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes a viable prospect for family homes and is not just the realm of sci-fi movies. A feature-rich router becomes more of a necessity.

SmartHub wireless router for the smart homes of the future ZDNet

SmartHub is an intelligent home hub. It has been designed to meet the needs of tech-heavy twenty-first century homes.

The SmartHub is a console that plugs directly into the wall.

The crowdfunding campaign for the SmartHub aims to give the home router a much-needed facelift with the device.

The hub accepts cables for solid wired connections, but the extra cable has been eliminated to streamline your wireless life.

Unplug and move to another area of the house if you need a better signal in a more remote corner.

The router has a flash storage bay which allows households to turn the SmartHub into their secure cloud storage service to store movies, music, photos and documents that they want to share.

A built-in lithium-ion battery allows the router to function for long periods of time without drawing energy from the mains - useful if you want to keep an eye on your energy bills.

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The router acts as a master console for all wireless-enabled devices in the home. Using "Cortex", the open source cloud operating system, the SmartHub app lets you control locks, lights, thermostats, fire alarms and heating devices

Alex Sutherland, director and creator of the SmartHub said: "With access to lightning-fast Wi-Fi, the ability to store household files and documents, and control all wireless-enabled home appliances, the SmartHub is the must-have router for the twenty-first century home."

"We're confident that there is a high level of demand for an item such as this. The market research our team undertook found that 85% of respondents would choose the SmartHub over any traditional router on the market".

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