Smartphone doldrums: Time to go Windows Phone

I've owned both Android phones and one iPhone or another for years, and they bore me. Having looked at friends' Windows Phones, I'm thinking it's time to switch.

I am in an unusual position in that I try lots of mobile gear. I've tested and owned lots of smartphones, and I regularly use Android and iOS. While both platforms are good, I am becoming increasingly bored with them on the phone.

Nokia 1520
Image: Nokia

This boredom has resulted in curtailing what I do on my phone. I used to do all sorts of things on whatever phone was with me, but now I pretty much just use the phone for calls and texting.

The iPhone and Android phone are boring. I remember when I smiled while using my phone, but vaguely.

That change is partially due to the tablet, as I usually have one with me and execute the tasks I used to do on the phone. Even so, if I wasn't so bored with the phone I'd probably still use it for some of those tasks on the go.

Now that I realize how bored I am with my phones, I believe it might be time for a change. This realization hit me recently when out with some friends in town for Microsoft's TechEd conference. I was in the unusual position of being surrounded by Windows Phones.

There were big ones and little ones, colorful ones and bland ones. There were phones with cameras with more MP than my old Android phone has storage. There were a few Nokia handsets and some other brands.

Seeing all these Windows Phones got me thinking, always a dangerous situation. I watched their owners flicking and swiping away, usually with smiles on their faces. I remember when I smiled while using my phone, but vaguely.

Now I am seriously checking out Nokia Lumia Windows Phones. Perhaps a giant 1520 with its six-inch screen would be the one, although I'm not sure it would fit in the nooks and crannies I use now to carry my phone. Maybe a Windows Phone with a slightly smaller display makes more sense.

I am totally ingrained in the Google ecosystem, particularly Gmail. That's vital for my work and I'll need to research how well that now works with Windows Phone. I can't make the switch unless I can continue to use my existing Google accounts and services. If you currently use Gmail with a Windows Phone let me know how well that works in the comments below.

If I do make the switch I'm pretty sure I will no longer be bored with my phone, at least not the OS. Windows Phone is radically different from iOS and Android, and will distract me from the "sameness" I experience from the old standby platforms. At least it should for a while.

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