Smartphone, tablet or PC - which will you be tied to in 2016?

Poll: In five years, which will be your primary work machine?

Poll: In five years, which will be your primary work machine?

The PC is 30 years old. However, instead of wishing it happy birthday much of the IT industry looks ready to wave it off into retirement.

One of the engineers who worked on the first IBM personal computer recently said the PC is going the way of the typewriter and vinyl. Meanwhile, this week HP announced it's now considering whether to spin off its PC business as IBM did half a decade ago.

And while some people are mourning the PC, others can't wait to see the back of it.

But what do you think? The vast majority of office workers are still using a PC every day. How will things have changed by 2016?

Will it be all over for the PC, or will you still be working with the same beige box in another five years' time - that's the PC we're talking about, by the way, not your boss. Or will you be working on a tablet, or even a smartphone?

Let us know by taking our latest reader poll.

Simply click the option you agree with and hit 'vote', and the result so far will be revealed. We'll publish the final findings in a few weeks.

If after all this you're feeling nostalgic, check out our photos of the first IBM PC here.