Smartphone users:'s new mobile site is now live

Finally - a straightforward, easy-to-read way to get essential tech info on the move

Finally - a straightforward, easy-to-read way to get essential tech info on the move

Now you can keep up to date with all the essential news and views from on the move: just use your smartphone to check out's new mobile site.

We know our readers need the best information, fast, so we've designed our mobile site to be quick to load, simple to use and easy to read, all of which means you'll never have to miss out on that vital story that could make a difference to your day.

To access the new mobile site, click on a link in one of our newsletters when using your smartphone, or simply visit the site by heading to on your BlackBerry, iPhone or other smartphone.

The new mobile homepage allows you to browse the latest stories in, divided into Management and Technology sections, and find out which stories are currently most popular with other readers.

Tapping the Management tab at the top of the page will allow you to browse the latest CIO Insights, CEO Essentials, Finance, Sales & Marketing, HR and Public Sector content.

Clicking through on the Technology tab will give you fast access to's top Networks, Mobile, Hardware, Software, Security and IT Services news.

And it's not just text stories - you can check out's photo stories as well, giving you the big picture on the top articles of the day.

You can also search for any information you need while on the move by using the search box, and if you want even more than the mobile site can offer, you can always find your way back to the main site by clicking on the 'Full Website' link at the bottom of every page. editor Steve Ranger said: "Many of our readers are using their smartphones to keep up to date with the latest news but many mobile offerings are too hard to use. We've set out to make using our mobile site as easy to read and straightforward an experience as using the full site."