Smartphones are officially more popular than feature phones worldwide

For the first time, smartphones outsold feature phones worldwide.

It's official: smartphones are taking over the world.

Two years ago after smartphones outsold feature phones in the United States, the rest of the world has caught up.

The latest numbers from Gartner show that smartphones accounted for 51.8 percent of mobile phone sales worldwide in the second quarter of 2013, making it the first quarter that smartphone sales have outpaced feature phone sales globally.

The regions experiencing the highest smartphone growth rates are Asia (74 percent), Latin America (56 percent), and Eastern Europe (32 percent).

Samsung remained atop the global smartphone market, increasing its market share from 29.7 percent to 31.7 percent. Apple remained second, but its market share slipped to competitors LG, Lenovo, and ZTE.

Meanwhile, Android was once again the top smartphone operating system, with nearly 80 percent of the market. Apple's iOS remained second, while Microsoft increased its OS market share to overtake Blackberry for the third spot.

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