Smartphones top Christmas wish list in Brazil

Devices are the most wanted gift, says Experian.

Smartphones are the most sought after item in searches for Christmas gifts online, according to Experian Hitwise data.

The study covering the period between November 16 and December 13 and based on online searches in the main Brazilian high street retailers suggests that smartphones top the list of the ten most wanted products.

Out of the list, Motorola's Moto G was the most popular item that appeared in searches, followed by the iPhone models 5S and 5C, Motorola's Moto E and again, the iPhone models 5 and 6. Other sought after items included the XBox 360, any kind of tablet and smartphone Moto X.

Motorola launched its first low-cost device in Brazil, the Moto G, as part of its strategy to beat its main competitors in what is the company's second largest market. The intention was to offer it as an alternative to those who would like an iPhone or Galaxy device but haven't got the cash.