SMBs prefer DIY for IT management

More than half of the respondents to a recent ZDNet Small Business Center poll indicate that they prefer to manage their own IT services.

According to the most recent Quick Poll of ZDNet Small Business Center visitors, more than half say they rely on themselves for IT management.

The poll was posted over a period of approximately three weeks from January 17 to February 7, 2012 and asked, "How do you manage information technology (IT) for your small or medium business?"

55% said they rely on self-service for IT management while only 5% indicated that they rely exclusively on third-party service providers.

That's interesting because the SMB market for managed service providers is about $40 billion according to one recent estimate and could certainly rise along with the growing need for increasingly advanced IT services.

Maybe that's why a retail services giant like Best Buy is boldly leaping into managed IT services for small business as previously reported by ZDNet.

What do you think?  Are small and medium businesses moving more and more toward managed service providers or will economic and other realities increase the market for DIY-IT?