Sniffing worm snoops network PCs

The latest variant of the SDbot worm contain network-sniffing software that enables it to retrieve passwords from other computers connected to the target PC

Hackers have released a worm that captures banking and login details from computers that surround an infected PC.

The latest version of the SDBot worm opens a back door for hackers and then relays stolen information via a network sniffer and keystroke logger embedded in the code.

The worm has the potential to intercept passwords and PayPal account details on networked computers.

Network sniffers monitor network traffic. Hackers use them on compromised PCs to intercept data packets, such as login details, which allow them to access to other computers.

The SDBot advisory came from antivirus firm Trend Micro.

"The complete SDBot family is dangerous, but it's not spreading that fast so our risk rating is low," said Raymund Genes, European president of Trend Micro. "The SDBot is perfect for spying, but anyone with updated antivirus protection should be fine."