So what happened to Kindle on the TouchPad?

HP and Amazon told us the Kindle app would be on the TouchPad at launch. Review units had the Kindle app installed, but why isn't it on shipping tablets?

HP and Amazon wanted to make sure everyone was aware that the Kindle app would be front and center on the TouchPad at launch. The Kindle app is even featured in the Pivot magazine that is part of the TouchPad app for finding good apps. Reviewers of the HP TouchPad prior to launch covered the Kindle app on review units.

Friday was launch day for the TouchPad and I picked one up early. I couldn't wait to fire up the Kindle app as I use it on all of my mobile devices. Imagine my surprise when I fired up the Kindle app on the brand new TouchPad only to see this in response:

That's right, the Kindle app in the TouchPad app store is simply a placeholder for the real app when it is available some time in the future. So what happened to the Kindle app? The app was installed on TouchPads supplied to reviewers so it was available at some point. PC Magazine even named the Kindle app a top 10 app for the TouchPad. HP's Pivot magazine installed in the app store that points out good apps for the TouchPad has the Kindle app featured prominently:

Something apparently happened to the Kindle app for the TouchPad between when HP sent review units out and the official launch. The existence of a placeholder app by Amazon is very bizarre and indicates perhaps the app was released and then pulled for some reason. Whatever is behind the mysterious disappearance of the Kindle app for the TouchPad I hope it gets rereleased soon. I need me some ebook reading on my new TouchPad.

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