So, you want some Feisty Fawn with that Dell?

So, it's official. Dell is to offer Ubuntu 7.04 "Feisty Fawn" on a select range of Dell PCs.

So, it's official.  Dell is to offer Ubuntu 7.04 "Feisty Fawn" on a select range of Dell PCs. 

All the details are over on the Direct2Dell blog.  There's not a lot of substance to the announcement:

  • The Linux distro of choice will be Ubuntu 7.04
  • It will be offered "on select consumer desktop and notebook products."

That's it.

Let's face it, Ubuntu was the obvious choice (the folks from Dell could have just taken a peek at the poll I set up here - out of 7,100 votes, Ubuntu came top with 38%).  Of all the Linux distros aimed at consumers that I've tried it's the one closes to being ready for mainstream use.  Choosing Ubuntu will also mean that those wanting a more "Windows-like" interface will be able to install Kubuntu and everything should work fine.

[poll id=132]

Let's face it, Ubuntu was the obvious choiceComments on Direct2Dell are very positive, and that's to be expected given that the request for a pre-installed Linux distro was by far the most popular request on Dell's IdeaStorm site.

I've still got a few questions though:

  • Which product ranges will offer Ubuntu?
  • Will the drivers all be open source?
  • What will the support options be?
  • How will Dell distinguish between Windows-based and Linux-based systems?
  • When do I get my review unit?  ;-)

Congratulations to Dell for being brave and making this step (now all they need is for everyone who said they'd buy a system to actually flip open their wallets and buy a system.  But also congratulations to everyone involved with Ubuntu/Canonical for developing an open source operating system fit for mainstream adoption.

Well done!


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