SOA good for consultants

Their advice will be needed
Written by Tim Ferguson, Contributor

Their advice will be needed

The increasing uptake of service-oriented architectures (SOAs) is good news for consultants and others who offer advice on organisational change management.

As more companies adopt SOA, their requirements will become increasingly complex - meaning they will require extra help to manage significant organisational changes, according to analyst house IDC.

This is because implementing SOA is not just about integrating IT systems but also the people and organisations who are burdened with the change.

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IDC analyst Marianne Hedin told silicon.com the adoption of SOA means businesses will have to make changes to processes and break down barriers between departments.

As SOA gains popularity the relationship between the IT department and other areas will become much tighter and business users will be consulted more about their needs, said IDC.

IDC predicts the next wave of demand for SOA-based change management will come from the retail, travel and hospitality sectors. The first came from financial service, telecoms and government organisations.

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