SOA makes even the US Marines nervous

Even the world's toughest organization admits it needs help with SOA

Many analysts and pundits are fretting about the poor adoption of SOA within today's corporations. Maybe their concerns are well-founded, because it looks like even the US Marines are worrying that they may not be getting SOA right.

A recent report in Federal Computer Week notes that the Corps is seeking vendors that can help provide information about the governance, development, and operation of SOAs. The Marines are worried that attempts at SOA are going to, well, snafu things up. As the article notes:

"'If not implemented correctly, the transition to a SOA will greatly disrupt operations at the tactical and enterprise level, increase costs, and adversely effect combat efficiency,' the Request for Information states. 'Because SOA is a relatively new concept to the Marine Corps, personnel do not have depth of knowledge and experience that is available in the commercial sector concerning the governance, development, and operations of a SOA.'"

If the toughest organization in the world is being a Nervous Nellie about SOA, no wonder regular commercial organizations -- which have far less firepower and fighting spirit -- are having a hard time with SOA.

(Thanks to ADT's Becky Nagel for the pointer to this article.)