SOA will lead to 'explosion of creativity'

How is SOA like the food industry? (And I'm not talking about "consumption" of services...

How is SOA like the food industry? (And I'm not talking about "consumption" of services...) 

Elliot King, my colleague over at Database Trends & Applications, also edits the BPM Strategies magazine from the BPM Instititute, and recently noted that SOA proponents aren't aiming high enough:

"In many ways. the current vision for SOA is not too grandiose, but too limited. Generally, SOA is positioned as a way to let companies be more agile and develop new applications and information products more efficiently and rapidly." 

That's all well and good, Elliot says, but maybe we should start talking more about the profound changes SOA will bring -- especially in terms of skill sets.

SOA will lead to a "tremendous explosion in creativity. Think about the food industry. As farms became increasingly efficient and it took fewer and fewer people to produce an abundant amount of basic food commodities... the scope of food choices to the public exploded.... In the same way, if SOA is successful, fewer people will be needed to focus on how to make IT systems work, freeing them up to focus on how to use IT systems more creatively."