Social Nature connects marketers with influencers to beat Facebook's algorithm

One company has found a sure-fire way to make brand products more visible across social media sites.

Facebook has recently changed its algorithm making it much harder for brands to get their products in front of potential customers. We now see more of what our friends are posting, and less from publishers and news sites.

Social Nature connects marketers with influencers to beat Facebook's algorithm ZDNet
Social Nature

The news is not good for companies who have relied on Facebook to get the word out. Facebook is basically saying that it is no longer going to promote posts from pages unless the posts are part of paid campaigns.

Although this seems like a bad deal for brands, it gives marketers a great opportunity to use their influencer networks.

We trust word of mouth recommendations over advertising, looking at reviews and ratings before we decide to buy. Influencers and product testers are important to brands.

Vancouver, BC-based product sampling company Social Nature gets natural products into the hands of testers through its web site.

Users in the US or Canada select the products that they want to try. The product samples and coupons are sent to them and they are encouraged to share their thoughts about the products on social media though reviews and coupons.

The company has a mission for people to try natural products and make greener choices.

Its core company values intend to make green mainstream by caring for the planet, respecting animal welfare, and promoting wellness with its 'free from' foods.

Brands can get product samples to the people that are interested in natural products. Users are encouraged to write reviews and give constructive feedback to help the brand improve its product line.

Users are also encouraged to share the product on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and other sites.

The company wants to use 'the power of word-of-mouth and social media' to influence 'millions of people to make greener choices' and achieve its mission.

It recommends that brand marketers should not give up on Facebook. With over a billion people using the platform daily, this would not make sense.

It reckons marketers should use their fans to deliver brand messages. Influencer marketing should be a part of your Facebook brand strategy.

Authentic stories are the ones that resonate most -- something no paid ads or celebrity endorsements can provide. Your community of everyday influencers can help your brand get the social love you need to demonstrate your ROI for your efforts.

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