Software developer wins theft case

An unnamed medical software company has been found guilty of distributing the work of an independent developer without a licence

The Federation Against Software Theft (Fast) is hailing a victory for a small software developer as evidence that it isn't just protecting the interests of the handful of software giants with major financial clout.

While Fast is perhaps best known for its role in protecting the revenues of Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle, et al, it has secured a settlement of around £9,000 for Thomas Kelty, an independent developer.

Kelty specialises in software for medical devices and had complained to Fast that his programs were being used and distributed without licence by a major player within his field.

In a statement released by the organisation, Julian Heathcote Hobbins, legal counsel at Fast, said: "This is a classic case of a larger corporation attempting to steam-roller the smaller guy. Providing there is sufficient evidence, Fast will do everything to protect software developers, irrespective of their size."

Fast declined to name the company found guilty of software theft.

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