SolarKindle charges your Kindle with the power of the sun

Battery life may not be something that most Kindle owners worry about, but the SolarKindle certainly makes it even less of a problem.
Written by Ricardo Bilton, Contributor on

Probably the best thing about eReaders is their expansive battery life. Amazon's Kindle, for example, can last roughly two months before needing a charge. Keeping the devices charged is not something Kindle owners typically have to deal with.

So perhaps something like the SolarKindle isn't completely necessary. The case adds solar charging to the Kindle's feature set, allowing the device to charge even when its not plugged in.

Featuring an extended battery, the SolarKindle estimated to give a Kindle three months of battery life. The device also comes with an LED, meaning that not only does the SolarKindle suck in light, but it dishes it out as well.

Starting January 14th, the SolarKindle will be available for $79, which, as you might notice, is the exact price of the entry-level Kindle.

And the device also brings to mind this: How long will it be before Amazon slaps a solar panel onto the Kindle itself?

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