Solomon's tranquil on Michelangelo virus

Makers of anti-virus software are often accused of building up the hype but UK market leader Dr. Solomon's is telling users to be tranquil about the latest appearance of the Michelangelo virus.

Michelangelo works in such a way as it makes itself apparent on March 6 to coincide with the great Renaissance artist's birth date. Solomon's says that usually leads to a panic among users but claims that Micelangelo is substantially less of a danger than most macro viruses.

"Michelangelo-mania all started in 1992," said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Dr Solomon's. "An American anti-virus vendor went on CNN and told the world that five million PCs would be struck down on March 6. It was preposterous. We heard of less than half a dozen customers who were hit. Other anti-virus companies have tried to scare their customers in the years since with the same tired story. Michelangelo was never a big deal and won't be in the future either. What we're trying to do this year is warn people not to believe the hype