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Some Music to Big Data By

Here's a selection of songs, old and new, to play in the background during your Big Data Analytics projects...

Just for fun, here's some recommended music for your Big Data Analytics efforts, old and new -- enjoy!

1. The Police--Too Much Information

First and foremost, what defines Big Data? Well, doh, it's BIG (although there are are LOTS of other definitions). We have so much of it that we find it really hard to store and process it.

"Too much information running through my brain
Too much information driving me insane
Too much information running through my brain
Too much information driving me insane"

2. Big Data--Dangerous

I'm not 100% sure what this video is even about, but it looks dangerous, and it's clear that Big Data can be used as a weapon (but I like the look of those sneakers!)

"Peepin' through the floor, it's like they know, It's like they know I'm looking from the outside, And creeping to the door, it's like they know"

3. Kenneth Flamer--Big Data

If you're a Big Data professional, this is your new theme song... It's a great, catchy tune..

"Big Data ain't mythology, it's a reality...living the life with the means to discover big data in the internet of things"

4. Rockwell--Somebody's Watching Me

Data Privacy is important -- please help!

"I feel like someone's watching me... and I have no privacy"

5.The Police--Every Breath You Take

There's a fine line between loving someone and being a Big Data stalker...

"Every breath you take, every move you make, I'm watching you..."

6. Dave Edmunds--Information

The number one use of data in music videos? Yup, more stalking...

"Information, that's what I need, Some information"

7. Thomas Dolby--She Blinded Me With [Data?] Science

Big Data also means new technology -- here's how SAP HANA and Hadoop go together.

"She blinded me with science, And hit me with technology"

8. MC Frontalot--Power User

Another catchy song -- who could imagine Big Data without Power Users? (aka Data Scientists)

"You'd think the computer was helping me do it so perfect sometimes."

9. Hüsker Dü--Data Control

These guys were screaming about the future way back in 1982. NSA and GCHQ, are you listening?

"At Data Control
They know everything about you
Keeping secrets is too hard
Your life is all recorded for you
In holes punched in computer cards"

10. Duran Duran-Too Much Information

Back to the bigness of Big Data (but I prefer Sting's version)

"I hate to bite the hand that
Feeds me so much information
The Pressure's on the screen
To sell you things that you don't need
It's too much information for me"

Which other cool Big Data tracks did I miss?