Somerfield online shopping service shuts down

Supermarket group pulls plug amidst continuing merger disaster

The staff of Somerfield's Internet shopping service will be made redundant as of Monday, according to sources.

Somerfield, the troubled supermarket chain, launched its Internet, telephone and television-based home shopping service two years ago, but the service has not grown, the company said. Besides, Somerfield has other troubles to worry about: since merging with Kwik Save in 1998 its share price has plummeted more than 80 percent to less than 60p amid persistent management problems., the Internet branch of the operation, will be the latest UK dot-com to bite the dust, following the high-profile collapse of e-tailer and the loss of funding for such content sites as and will cease operations as of 25 June, the group confirmed earlier this week.

We will have e-commerce Web sites that actually take money, deliver goods, and allow the e-tradesfolk a small profit. But Guy Kewney insists that day isn't today. Go to AnchorDesk UK for the news comment.

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