Sonim launches XP7 rugged Android smartphone campaign for outdoor enthusiasts

The Sonim XP7 is an Android smartphone that you can take with you on your adventures and know it will survive the elements. The extremely long battery life also ensures you make it through the weekend.

Sonim launches XP7 rugged Android smartphone campaign for outdoor enthusiasts
Image: Sonim

The Sonim XP7 phone that I wrote about last week can now be pre-ordered for $579 through an Indiegogo campaign. If you spend time outside in the elements, this makes a great primary or weekend phone.

The $579 launch price, only available to the first 500 people, is a fair price considering the bonus items (headset, SIM, microUSB adapter, goodie bag), warranty, and $200 trade-in credit Sonim is including. The warranty is a three-year comprehensive plan that even covers accidental damage. If that doesn't tell you Sonim stands behind the product, then I don't know what will.

The campaign launched today and runs through 7 January 2015. The Sonim XP7 is scheduled to ship to backers in March. I've been testing a pre-production model and it has been performing very well so I have faith they will deliver on their March date.

As I wrote in my first impressions, the Sonim XP7 is not an Android phone wrapped in a rugged case. It has been built from the ground up to survive along with you. While many of their devices are aimed at the field worker, the Sonim XP7 is also valuable to the adventuresome person. It would have been great to see them launch this in November so that people could have been using it on the slopes this winter.

Sonim has a valid comparison between the XP7 and a typical smartphone with the cases, battery, and protection to match their Indiegogo offer. The bottom line is that the Sonim XP7 is an excellent deal.

In addition to the rugged nature of the phone, the battery life is stunning. Like my iPad, I don't even think about charging up the Sonim XP7 and that can't be said for modern smartphones today. If you don't want to purchase the Sonim XP7, you can back them for $1 or order a t-shirt for $25.