Sony announces 24-inch 3D display bundle for $499

Via a PlayStation-branded display and compelling bundle, Sony aims to increase 3DTV penetration in the most effective way possible: by making it more affordable.
Written by Ricardo Bilton, Contributor on

Sony says it's dedicated to 3D, and with the announcement of its new PlayStation 3D display, it's proving it.

Announced at Sony's press conference today, the PlayStation 3D display is a 24" flatscreen that the company says is perfect for smaller spaces like dorm rooms.

Most interesting, however, is the display's biggest feature. Via 3D glasses, the display allows two players to see entirely different screens simultaneously, eliminating the need for split-screen gameplay.

Better, of course, is that the television comes bundled with a pair of rechargeable 3D glasses, 6' HDMI cable, and a copy of Resistance 3, one of the PS3's flagship 3D titles. Sony is pricing the bundle at $499, which is no small bargain considering that the extra components cost more than $150 on their own. (Extra pairs of 3D glasses will cost $69. ) Sony says the the bundle will be available this fall.

The move is a significant one for Sony, which has struggled to increase 3DTV adoption rates. Of course, the biggest reason for this has been price - a hurdle that the 3D display bundle may just help the company to overcome.

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