Sony cuts Tablet S price by $100, 16GB version now $399

2012 may have just begun, but Sony is wasting no time in cutting the price of its Android tablet.

If we can say anything about Android tablets in 2012, it's that they will undoubtedly get cheaper.  We've already seen it with the (admittedly minor) price drop of Motorola's on-contract Xyboards, which now start at $379, but it won't be long before other companies join in on the cuts.

For proof of the trend, look no further than Sony. Engadget reports that the company has cut the price of its Tablet S by $100, bringing the 16 GB version to $399 and the 32GB model down to $499.

That's a pretty big change, but probably not the most significant differential if you weren't so keen on the device to begin with. Still, if you've had your eye on the Sony tablet, a $100 price cut is probably all the reason you need to invest in one.

The best news is that in the days leading up to CES 2012, these sort of price cuts are definitely something we will see a lot of. And that's something that consumers will certainly appreciate.