Sony drops Reader Wi-Fi price to $99 (for a limited time)

With its $50 price drop, Sony's Reader Wi-Fi will be priced competitively with the Kindle and Nook. For a while, anyway.
Written by Ricardo Bilton, Contributor on

Sony is taking the fight to Amazon and Barnes & Noble this month in a big way. Until December 24th, the company will drop the price of its Reader Wi-Fi from $149 to $99, a $50 discount.

At its new price, the Reader competes directly on price with both the Kindle Touch and Nook, which both sell for $99.

Sony is also offering customers the chance to trade in any brand of e-reader for an extra $50 discount, meaning that one could, in theory, get the device for a solid $49.

While the price drop is a smart one, Sony would be a lot smarter if it made the new price a permanent one. At $149, the Reader is, while still cheap, far more expensive than its counterparts, and in the current eBook reader climate, $50 is a big deal.

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