Sony prototypes 360-degree display that projects 3D image

Sony has shown off a prototype display that can project a true, three-dimensional image that can be viewed at any angle.

The 3D trend of movies and televisions is growing exponentially, but neither actually projects a true three-dimensional image, instead requiring viewers to wear those funny glasses to make things pop.

Sony, on the other hand, is experimenting with true, three-dimensional image reproduction with a new prototype that projects an image that can be viewed at any angle.

Think of it like a three-dimensional hologram -- no glasses necessary.

The display is just 10.6 in. tall and 5.1 in. in diameter (it's round, of course) and offers just 95 by 128 pixel-resolution. (In comparison, the average laptop computer screen is somewhere in the ballpark of 1280 by 800 pixels.)

But it's a start. Sony's display is only a proof-of-concept device now, but it's possible that the future holds a situation where the family television sits exactly in the middle of the room.

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