Sony reveals new MiniDisc range too

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Sony has also expanded its MiniDisc range, with the introduction of the worlds smallest recordable MDs -- the MZ-R90, the MZ-R91 and the world's smallest MD player, the MZ-E90.

The MZ-R90, weighing 105g without batteries, has full recording and editing functions and a battery life of up to 29 hours. It also introduces the Name Bank functions. This means, once you've entered a group's name, only the first three letters need to be entered next time the same band is recorded. The Joint Text function means that all data on a CD, including text, is transferred when recording to MD.

The MZ-R91 weighs 5g more and comes in a blue polished aluminium case. Both models have a back-lit LCD remote control, jog lever for editing and selecting tracks, and a smoother-than-before pop-up loading mechanism.

For those that have no need of recording functions, having a MD hi-fi separate, the MZ-E90 is playback only. This weighs 70g without batteries and offers up to 56 hours of battery life. There is a remote stick controller on the headphones.

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