Sony reveals P900 smartphone

update Sony Ericsson's latest smartphone, the P900, will be available in early November, the company said on Tuesday.

update Sony Ericsson's latest smartphone, the P900, will be available in early November in Europe and Asia, the company said on Tuesday.

The P900 tri-band smartphone, which runs the Symbian operating system, is an updated version of the P800 with a VPN client, improved graphics and higher-resolution digital camera.

Although the P900 has the same size screen as the P800, it is slightly slimmer and lighter than its predecessor, and can read and edit Word and Excel documents, as well as show PowerPoint presentations.

Richard Dorman, marketing manager for UK and Ireland at Sony Ericsson said he expected the VPN client to make the phone popular among mobile workers: "It's enterprise-ready. The P800 didn't offer access to corporate VPNs -- that is something we are now enabling." But the P900 is not all about work, Dorman added; its ARM 9 processor together with a high resolution colour screen (208 by 320 pixels, with 65,000 colours) enables graphics that he likened to those produced by PlayStation consoles. The phone comes with a version of the VRally2 driving game.

The P900 has a pen-based user interface and contains 16MB of internal memory. It also comes with a 32MB memory stick, but can support up to 128MB.

Dorman said he expects the phone to cost around £500 (US$836) without a contract.

ZDNET U.K's Munir Kotadia reported from London.


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