Sony leaks its unannounced SmartBand 2 with Android app

After debuting a $99 health tracker last year, Sony appears to have a follow up and this time, the band includes a heart rate monitor.

Even though Sony is slimming down its mobile division, the company isn't calling it quits in wearables. Expect Sony to announce a follow up to last year's SmartBand product in the near future.

How do we know? A companion app for the new Sony Smartband 2 appeared in, and then was pulled from the Google Play Store.

Android Police spotted the software before it got yanked and it clearly shows at least one new key addition that the current SmartBand doesn't have: Support for a health rate monitor.

Indeed a screen shot from the app listing showed the new sensor on the SmartBand 2; last year's $99 model didn't track the wearer's heart rate. The app listing details say the SmartBand 2 "measures your pulse at an even rate through out the day," offering a feature similar to that of the Apple Watch. This time around, the app also includes a "smart wake" feature to nudge you from sleep at the optimal time in your sleep cycle.

Sony's original SmartBand differed from many other health trackers because it doesn't have a display. Instead, you use the companion app to view data on your Android phone. This time around, the app includes a "smart wake" feature to nudge you from sleep at the optimal time in your sleep cycle.

There's no indication from the new app that Sony has modified that aspect, although it's impossible to tell from the software listing. I suspect Sony has kept the same approach though; omitting a display reduces cost and helps the battery last longer. The original SmartBand was advertised as running for five days on a charge.


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