Sony's latest Blu-Ray/DVD burner works without a PC

The best thing about Sony's latest Blu-Ray burner is what it doesn't need: a computer.

The latest legitimization of Sony's Blu-Ray disc format is the VBD-MA1, Sony's first Blu-Ray/DVD burner that doesn't require a PC in order to be used. Instead, all applicable information can be viewed on the device's LCD screen. The VBD-MA1 supports the Memory Stick Duo, SD, SDHC, a and SDXC formats. It can also be connected directly to external devices via USB.

Of course, if you really, really want to, you can also connect the device to a PC. But who uses those anymore?

Oh, and we should also mention that Sony hasn't officially announced the device outside of Japan. But a North American release certainly isn't out of the question.

[Sony, via Akihabara News]