Sony's Live with Walkman is built for music, Facebook

The Walkman brand lives on in the strangely named Live with Walkman smartphone.

With its 3.2-inch, 480 x 320 pixel display and 1GHz processor, Sony Ericcson's latest Walkman-branded phone isn't anywhere near the high end. And its not meant to be.

Built with Facebook in mind, Live with Walkman features extensive integration with the social network, allowing users to access Facebook's features via the phone's photo gallery, phonebook, and calendar.

Music also plays a big part with the device, which shouldn't be surprising considering its name. Live with Walkman is bundled with a dynamic music recommendation app, which pulls music and video recommendations from Facebook friends. Sony's Qriocity service is also present, as is its sound quality-boosting XLoud technology.

Available later this year in both black and white, the Live with Walkman is still without an official price point. But we'd wager Sony Ericcson will price the device pretty low.