Sony's Xperia Active will track your wet fingers, pulse

Have an active lifestyle but have yet to find a phone that can keep up? Sony's new Xperia Active may be your answer.
Written by Ricardo Bilton, Contributor on

Of the new Xperia devices that Sony announced yesterday, the Xperia Active is undoubtedly the more interesting. Created as a bona-fide "lifestyle" device, the Xperia Active's goal is to be the perfect counterpart for those with, well, active lifestyles.

That's why the phone's screen is resistent to dust and and scratches. And it's also why the device comes pre-loaded with apps to measure your heart rate. But the most interesting feature that the Xperia Active brings to the table is its wet finger tracking technology, which allows even the slickest of fingertips to register on the device's screen. This makes it sort of perfect for those intense workout sessions that require playlist micromanagement or intermittent attempts at playing Angry Birds.

Other than that, the Xperia Active is a pretty standard Android 2.3-running, 3.0-inch screen-touting, 5-megapixel-taking smartphone. You can get one later this year.


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