South-east Qld jumps aboard Google Transit

The south-east region of Queensland has made its entire public transport system available on Google Transit.

South-east Queensland has beat Melbourne to the punch by making the entirety of its public transportation system accessible on Google Transit thanks to a deal between Google and the Queensland government.

Image: Google

The service now supplements the Queensland government's TransLink system by making around 1,450 bus, ferry, and train services accessible through Google, as well as walking and cycling routes.

"Tourists and visitors to south-east Queensland will find this a useful tool, and it continues our promise to reinvigorate tourism, which is part of Queensland's four-pillar economy," Emerson said on Tuesday.

"Google Transit ... works by combining TransLink's network data with Google Maps, integrating transit stops, public transport routes, schedules, and fare information."

Google Transit first launched in October 2007, with Tasmania joining Adelaide and Perth on the service in February 2010, and Sydney and Canberra jumping onboard in 2012. More than 80 cities worldwide now use Google Transit.