SP2 clashes with more than 40 programs

The update for Windows XP makes a long list of programs appear to stop working, including Microsoft's own SQL and Visual Studio .Net
Written by Jo Best, Contributor
Microsoft has published the details of more than 40 programs that have conflicts with the newly released Windows XP SP2.

The list includes several widely used Microsoft products including SQL, Visual Studio .Net, and SMS 2003 Server.

The list can be found under the heading "Some programs that seem to stop working when you install Windows XP Service Pack 2" on Microsoft's website. XP SP2 has also created problems with Symantec's Antivirus Corporate Edition 8.0, MacAfee's NetShield 4.5 and CA's eTrust 7.0.

Some games that run on XP also come to grief following the installation of the service pack, including Scrabble 3.0 and two versions of Unreal Tournament. Microsoft doesn't give hints on how to resolve the conflict with the games but points users in the direction of the original vendor, with instructions to "see the documentation".

Some Microsoft programs "appear" to stop working but can be coaxed back into life if you follow the instructions given for each individual program on the Microsoft website. The conflicts mainly stem from the SP2 tendency to shut certain ports or block 'unsolicited connections' - often a sign of malware, spyware or other unwanted visitors.

There is one notable exception, however. Microsoft's CRM product won't work with a SP2-equipped machine, full stop. Microsoft has already issued a fix for the incompatibility.

It's such incompatibilities that have prompted IBM to advise its staff to not install the service pack for fear it might conflict with business-critical applications.

A complete list of the programs that conflict with XP SP2 and how to resolve the problems can be found on Microsoft's website, here.

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