Spanning adds backup services for Office 365

Fresh off its acquisition by EMC, the data backup provider continues to extend its data recovery and backup services beyond Salesforce and Google Apps.

Fresh off its acquisition by EMC, data backup provider Spanning has added Office 365 under its umbrella of compatibility.

Spanning's backup service is pretty simple. It lets users take data from sources like Salesforce and Google Apps and then store it outside of those original infrastructures.

EMC purchased Spanning a few weeks ago as part of a acquisition sweep designed to bolster its hybrid cloud strategy. Cloudscaling and Maginatics were acquired at the same time.

Highlights of Spanning's backup for Office 365 look like this:

  • Automated daily and on-demand backups of Mail, Calendar, and Contacts keep a copy of the application data and files in the cloud;
  • Point-in-time backups let administrators and end users search, view and directly restore any previous version of the data;
  • Cross-user data restore from one Office 365 account into another's to facilitate the employee onboarding and offboarding process, or other staff changes;
  • Spanning security that includes 256-bit encryption, SSAE 16 compliance, intrusion detection and compartmentalized access;
  • One price for unlimited storage.

Spanning CEO Jeff Erramouspe said the rapid adoption of Office and the growing demand for cloud data protection and storage were the driving factors behind the inclusion of the Microsoft cloud platform. It's likely that the latter played into its decision to join EMC.

For now the service is only being pre-announced. Enterprises won't have access to anything but a beta version until next year.