Spanning updates Salesforce backup, offers Google Apps guarantee

The Austin, TX-based cloud backup service provider hopes the upgrades will assure Salesforce and Google Apps users that their SaaS data is safe in the cloud.

Cloud backup service provider Spanning announced an update to its backup product that launched last year, along with a money-back guarantee for its similar service for Google Apps.

Spanning Backup for Salesforce is a recovery service delivered through the Salesforce user interface, offering automated daily backup for data and customer details stored in the cloud-hosted CRM application.

With the new iteration, Spanning said it added on-page data restore from any point in time. End users initiate the restore process via the "Restore" button within a record and can then compare and select individual fields to restore within object records, such as phone numbers, activity logs or attachments. Spanning also introduced field-level security, meaning that users can only see and restore data they are authorized to edit.


The Austin, Texas-based startup also has a backup service on the Google Apps Marketplace, Spanning Backup for Google Apps, and announced that it's now offering a 100 percent data restore guarantee. If a customer using the Spanning backup service loses data and is unable to restore it, Spanning will give them ten times their money back for each failed restore operation on that user account. 

"SaaS applications provide users with reduced cost, increased flexibility and higher business productivity," said Jeff Erramouspe, CEO of Spanning Cloud Apps, in prepared remarks. "Nothing disrupts productivity more than data loss events, which happen far more often than most companies realize. Spanning is committed to maintaining productivity by ensuring that lost data is restored quickly and accurately by the end user without the need for IT intervention."

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